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Genre: comedy, drama, mystery
Year: 2001
Duration: 83 min
Director: Jonathan Parker
Starring: David Paymer, Crispin Glover, Glenne Headly
IMDb rating: 6,4 (Very good)
My rating: 8,5 (Also very good)
A clueless boss has no idea what to do with his 
mundane office worker whose refusal of duties only 
gets worse each passing minute.

I would prefer not to.



I didn’t intent to review this movie – I was going to watch it only for self-education, for my own pleasure. But after seeing it I’ve suddenly changed my mind.  ‘Bartleby’ is a fair movie with wacky characters, colourful humour and original soundtrack. To be honest, this film slapped me across the face.

SCRIPT // Let’s start from the worst things – film is a little bit too long, there were moments when I wanted to hurry the process. And this comedy, as they call it, with a big word on the movie poster (‘Hilarious!’), was not that funny. But I was smiling more than once and there was a moment when I was laughing loudly – it’s almost impossible to make me laugh! It’s a grand achievement. And the film was a bit different, original. Like he looks like others, but no, he’s different. And I just love it. // MY RATING: 7.

VISUALS // As I’ve just mentioned, the soundtrack impressed me the most. It helped to create a weird atmosphere, to crank me into the movie. Of course, if you like only absolutely normal things, you’re gonna hate it. Hehe. //  MY RATING: 10.

ACTING, CHARACTERS // Actors and their characters fitted each other well. The characters (there is a small number of them in the movie. I like it) are well pondered : if there is a normal one, they are still different, bright and memorable. And all this stuff does one function I am going to describe below. //  MY RATING: 9.

IDEA // Office and its world – such a rarity! <<Sarcasm<< But this office and this life – that’s an interesting copy. I guess that everybody and everyone can discover a character here that has something in common with the viewer. And when you plunge into revierie – Oh. That character is so queer! But I am almost the same! Oh no! That hits well or, as I’ve said, slaps across the face. I guess that vast majority can feel this effect that even may help to start making changes (?)! Anyway, I liked this thing. //  MY RATING: 8.

SUMMING UP // Outwardly it’s another ordinary movie. What a mistake it is! ‘Bartleby’ is different, is quite interesting. It has some kind of magnet inside that binds viewer to movie. That’s why I liked it. This movie might be unremembered, but it’s worth watching if you are looking for something more interesting that TV offers.


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