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The Conjuring


Genre: horror
Year: 2013
Duration: 112 min
Director: James Wan 
Starring: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Lili Taylor
IMDb rating: 7,5 (Very good)
My rating: 8 (Not bad, I liked it)
Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren work 
to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in 
their farmhouse.


I am not that easily frightened one or a horror movies’ lover, but IMDb rating of this movie attracted my attention. Horror movies usually get quite low ratings. So, I gave my evening for watching The Conjuring. I wasn’t disappointed – it was quite eerie to go to sleep, and I was afraid of looking at the darker corner in my room during the film (or maybe the dusk in the room where I’m watching a horror movie simply worked out).

SCRIPT // Perhaps it would be hard to find a horror movie which creators hadn’t used boring and predictable components. Of course, spirits – that’s a pretty suitable object that makes watcher get frightened, and distant, deserted house is a verified way to bear the horror. Thanks God, the writers at least came up with an idea, why that unfortunate family couldn’t leave the house (because I would do anything except spending a night there). On the other hand, I noticed more original decisions. For example, the film is based on true story, and we even see two plot lines at the beginning. We actually must turn on our brains to follow the story, no sleep allowed. I may look critical a bit, but I am not. All the banal choices are refreshed in a good way – stale soup smells like a fresh one. // MY RATING: 8.

VISUALS // As I mentioned before: even though decorations in film are boring, they have been put in the right place. Intrigue and horror develop slowly, step-by-step, carefully. Antiquarian furniture is combined with gloaming, scary soundtrack and some creepy toys. // MY RATING: 8.

ACTING, CHARACTERS // Despite the ordinary and familiar horror movies’ personalities and some boring men, twinkling in the middle of movie, actors did their job well.  // MY RATING: 9.

IDEA // Film is not deeply intellectual. But its, let’s say, IQ is higher than the most of comrades-in-arms. We are able to grasp the idea that we can destroy any kind of darkness in ourselves just by thinking about the fact that we own more we you think. You are not allowed to forget this! Heh, so sweet. // MY RATING: 7.

SUMMING UP // Writers were not courageous enough to step on pathless ground in Horrormoviesland and they just had weeded roads that already had been tread out. Movie was scary, believe me, and is very suitable for a filthy Friday or a weekend night. You wouldn’t regret this choice.



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