Adulation and critique of movies.



Hello people!Sveiki

Did you know that cinematophobia is fear or movies and cinemas? If you answered no, it will never happen again. It was my mission to enlighten you.

Let’s be more serious. I need to make a short descripion about stuff here – what and how. I like to watch movies and even various movies – popular and less known, old and new, action movies and deep creations. Everything. And somehow it happens that after watching a movie I can say more about it than ‘Stunning visual effects. Main character was quite hot. Perfect movie. 10/10’. Because I like to be heard – that’s why I’ve decided that the best way to tell everything is… the Internet!

I’m gonna try to tell you about movies that had stuck in my head and I hope that you, my dear dear dear visitors, after reading my review about unheard unseen movie, will shout: ‘This evening could be soo boring. But I must see this movie. I’m saved. Yay!!!!‘.

If you want to read a review just choose random month in archive, genre or year and you will see available results. I’m always looking forward to see some tips, movies-to-watch or just discussions below my reviews, because, remember this, I say: I have never killed anybody for one’s opinion.

Thanks for visiting my page, I promise that there will be a loooot of new stuff soon! :)